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We look at items which reduce the profitability of farms, such as forced culling, low milk production, high SCC, lameness, and high disease incidence.  Finding the causes of these problems and addressing them will greatly affect the profitability of the farm.  Cow comfort, nutritional challenges, overcrowding, facility limitations and management challenges are common problems limiting farm profitability.

Dairy Improvements and Expansions

Issues such as building design, building improvements, stall design, air quality, barn location, feed center location, cow flow and comfort, and biosecurity of purchased animals, need to be addressed properly to allow for the best success of any farm improvements or dairy expansions. 


Herd Management Protocols

Veterinarians at the Dairyland Veterinary Service will create management protocols to fit the needs of your specific operation.  Planning daily work schedules, designing treatment protocols, breeding programs, parasite control programs, and vaccination schedules is done to fit the need of a particular operation’s needs.


Goal Sheets: Our doctors can work with you to set goals and design a goal sheet specifically for your situation, tracking the information that will help you indentify problem areas. Click to see a sample Goal Sheet and a data collection sample sheet that includes areas we can track.

Sample Goal Sheet
Data Collection Sample


On-farm milk culturing:  While we can culture milk in-house, by culturing on the farm, dairies can quickly and inexpensively identify and address milk quality issues. Click to see a milk culture kit content sheet, milk culture record sample, common culture findings, and information on the use of intramammary mastitis tubes.

On-Farm culture kit contents
Milk Culture Record
Intramammary Mastitis Tubes & Use
Common Culture Findings


Down cows: We can work with farms to establish a down cow protocol and conduct training.  Click to see FAQ, Down cow manual, and a links concerning managing down cows and practical euthansia protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions
Down Cow Manual
Managing Down Cows, by Robert Leder, DVM
Practical Euthanasia of Cattle, American Association of Bovine Practitioners
Eutanasia Practica en Ganado Bovino, American Association of Bovine Practitioners

Nutrition Consulting and Formation

Have the nutritional needs of your herd evaluated by a Dairyland Veterinary Service large animal healthcare professional.  Services are available ranging from simple supplement and feed program evaluation to complete ration balancing and inventory management. Click to see a sample wet calf record and winter feeding schedule.

Wet Calf Record
Winter Feeding Schedule


For more clinical information and data collection tools for calves, follow this link to the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Veterinary Medicine publication page:

In House Lab Services

Dairyland offers many in-house lab services to help us better serve our clients:


  • Bovine Fecal Testing - We can test in-house for coccidiosis and evidence of parasites.
  • Large Animal Profiles to assess enzyme levels, kidney and liver function, and muscle damage.
  • Packed Cell Volume to aid in diagnosing specific conditions
  • Serum Protein -
  • Snap BVD to identify any animals infected with Bovine Viral Diarrhea
  • Premi urine testing to assess antibiotic residue

Milk Culturing:

  • Basic Milk Cultures to determine mastits pathogens present
  • Coagulase Tests to confirm Staph aureus
  • Mannitol Tests
  • Camp Tests
  • Sensitivity Tests to determine the best treatment
  • Colostrum Bacterial Count
  • Milk Replacer Bacterial Count
  • Waste Milk Bacterial Count
  • Pasteurized Waste Milk Bacterial Count


  • Brix Colostrometer Test
  • Feed Moisture
  • Shaker Box

Milk Quality

Many parameters have to be met in order to achieve quality milk.  Dairyland Veterinary Service has a strong desire to help dairy producers attain and or keep quality milk, which translates to a better product for consumers and more profit for the producer.
By comparing existing milk quality with goals, we can identify missed profits.  Click to see samples of a Financial Impact of Milk Quality Analysis and our Information Sheet.

Sample Financial Impact Analysis

Financial Impact Information Sheet


Embryo Transfer

Contact the office to discuss services provided with Dr. Mike Heiman.


Ultrasound Reproductive Exams

Ultrasound provides earlier pregnancy diagnosis, more accurate management of the reproductive cycle, diagnosis of twins, and optional fetal sexing.


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