Routine Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Dairyland Veterinary Clinic has the capabilities and expertise to diagnose and treat all bovine conditions and illnesses, whether due to infectious diseases, toxins or feeding related issues.

General Surgery (on farm)

The Dairyland Veterinary Service Clinic performs a full range of surgical procedures. We perform abdominal surgeries to correct displaced abomasums and other abnormalities in the gut as well as C-sections on animals having calving difficulties. We also perform rumen cannula surgeries, dehorning, castrations, and other procedures. 

We have a vet on-call 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies such as calving problems, injuries, and illness.


Establishing and Maintaining Vaccination Programs

Vaccination is an essential part of any infectious disease control program.  It is most effective when planned to meet the particular needs of the individual farm.  Setting up a program involves determining what diseases to vaccinate against, who will benefit most, and when the animal will most need the protection. The program must be scientifically correct and compatible with the management practices of the farm.  To be successful it must be reviewed annually with your veterinarian to ensure that the vaccination protocol is providing adequate immunization. Click to see examples of a vaccine program, our animal injection protocol and vaccine handling guidelines.

Vaccination Program - Heifers
Vaccination Program - Cows
Animal Injection Protocol
Vaccine Handling



Establishing and Maintaining Reproduction Programs

With our knowledge of reproductive programs available, we will help fit the program that will optimize your facilities, labor availability, and herd reproductive goals.  We will then help establish protocols and goals to ensure continued success of the program.


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